When Can My Baby Start Daycare?

At Children’s World Learning Center, we start our Infant Program at six weeks. At this age your child has formed a significant attachment to you and your partner, their umbilical cord has fully healed and their sleep and eating patterns have been figured out. We understand that not every mother gets long maternity leaves, and not everyone has family members who can step in to care for the baby. Children’s World Learning Center offers a nurturing environment that is safe, clean and visually stimulating for your baby.


When Should I Start Looking at Daycares For My Infant?


It is important to plan ahead, so parents should begin looking into daycares while they are still pregnant. You’ll want to visit the daycares and meet with the teachers to feel secure in your choice. After the baby is born you will be recovering from birth, adjusting to your new home life and spending as much time with the baby as possible. You may only have a six week maternity leave, so you do not want to spend that time researching and calling daycares to get your baby enrolled.


What to Look For in a Daycare


You don’t want to send your baby to just any daycare, you want to make sure they are in a safe environment where they can interact with others and develop. You want to be able to trust that your baby is in good hands, so you want to look for a daycare that is licensed with a high qualified staff.


What Children’s World Has to Offer


Children’s World Learning Center knows that a baby’s development rate is the highest between birth and twelve months. Our incredible Infant Program is filled with education and socialization to allow your baby to grow. They will get individualized attention from our teachers and engage in stimulating activities such as reading, games, tummy time and sensory play. Your baby will also be able to interact with other infants, encouraging language, physical and social-emotional development.

Enrolling your infant in daycare at six weeks has no impact on your bond as a parent. Studies conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Development have shown no threat to parental bond, as long as the baby is getting positive care at home. At Children’s World we want our parents to be involved and informed on everything their baby is learning. We provide daily reports of information on your baby’s day. Our creative curriculum promotes developmentally appropriate activities that encourage the infants in our care to become confident explorers. Children’s World is Greenville’s premier 5-star child care organization. To learn more about our programs and curriculums, or to tour one of our four Greenville campuses, contact us today.


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