What Should My Child Know Before Starting Pre-K?

Even if your child has been enrolled in preschool for years, starting Pre-K is still a very big deal for everyone involved. You as a parent want to make sure that your child has the necessary skills to begin school with other children their age. The knowledge a preschooler needs to have before starting Pre-K will provide the framework on which they will build and develop new skills, so it is crucial that they are not only capable of learning to read and write, but that they also possess the necessary physical and social attributes to succeed in their new classroom. Children’s World Learning Center has the best pre-k Greenville NC has to offer, but before you send your child to their first day of Pre-K, here are a few skills that the professionals at Children’s World consider to be necessary: Best Pre-K Greenville NC | Children's World Learning Center

Basic Self-Help Skills

Before their first day of school, a Pre-K student should be able to dress themselves and have basic organizational skills. This includes but is not limited to putting on shoes, socks, mittens, and jackets. Once in school at Children’s World Learning Center, they will be taught other day to day tasks like carrying their lunch trays without making a mess, using scissors the proper way, and cleaning up after themselves by putting toys away in their appropriate places rather than simply throwing everything in a bucket. Knowing that your child possesses these basic self-help skills will give you peace of mind on their first day of Pre-K in Geenville NC.  

Essential Social Skills

Sharing is another basic concept that children should know before entering into Pre-K. They need to know when it is appropriate to say “please” and “thank you” as well. They should also be able to control their emotions in all social settings. Temper tantrums, tearful pleadings, and silent sulking are not allowed once they are out of preschool, so making sure your child possesses these simple self-control skills will ensure smooth sailing on their first day of Pre-K in Greenville NC

Readiness To Read And Write

Recognizing letters is the first step of reading readiness, that’s why Children’s World Learning Center suggests that a child beginning Pre-K in Greenville NC should have basic number and letter recognition skills. Understanding the sound each letter makes will come with time, as well as being able to write his or her name. Though it is not a requirement to enter Kindergarten, just think of the confidence boost they will get if they can! The ability to listen, follow directions and understand the rules of a structured classroom are skills that they will improve on throughout Pre-K at Children’s World Learning Center, making sure your child is ready to move on to Kindergarten

Children’s World Learning Center, The Best Pre-K Greenville NC Has To Offer

Here at Children’s World Learning Center, we do all we can to prepare children for their next big move! Our Pre-K students are learning and doing more than ever before, and our experienced teachers provide nurturing environments so that all children will be ready to enter Kindergarten. Contact us today to learn more about enrolling your child in Pre-K at Children’s World!


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