What sets us Apart from other Daycares in Greenville NC



If you are a parent working full time having childcare for your little one is unavoidable in most cases. With so many choices for daycare it can be overwhelming trying to make the right choice for your family. If you are in Greenville, NC you should look no further than Children’s World Learning Center for all your daycare services. Read on to learn more about what sets us apart from other daycares in Greenville, NC.


Children’s World Learning Center brings a new and refreshing outlook on daycare in the Greenville, NC area. From our immense curriculum for all ages and high-quality child care like no other. Here at Children’s World we strive to make a difference in the life of the smallest members of your family and we really feel we can do it!


One major difference between other daycare centers in Greenville, NC and Children’s World is the fact that we serve children from birth through fifth grade. Stability and routines are paramount in the development of small children. Providing that continuity is priceless and is only one thing that sets us apart from other daycare centers.


We provide different services to best accommodate your needs in a child care facility. From childcare to our academy, therapy, and our after-school programs you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for in a daycare in Greenville, NC.



Children’s World Learning Center was inspired by educational research to create Walton Academy- a kindergarten through fifth grade private school. Walton Academy offers an accelerated academic program, state of the art facilities, and teachers who are committed to excellence in education. Walton Academy’ matchless program provides every child with the skills and tools they will need to succeed throughout life.


After-School Program

Maybe you only need care for your child after school hours. Children’s World has designed our After-School Program to inspire and motivate children to excel in their studies! We strive to achieve this by providing an environment rich with academic skill development, character enrichment, and fun! We offer pick-up at most Pitt County Public Schools for our program. Our locations on Greenville Blvd and John Hopkins Dr provide after-school care until 6:00 PM and our location on Moye Blvd closes at 8:00 PM for your convenience.


Classroom Technology

In this day and age it is impossible for anyone to be successful without being proficient in technology. Children’s World recognizes the global impact of technology in our society, because of this we incorporate the highest level of classroom technology around. In all of our centers, we incorporate age-appropriate technology such as child-friendly tablets and computer toys, desktop computers, iPads/Tablets, and SmartBoards.  

Every day Children’s World strives to set itself apart from all other child care facilities in Greenville, NC for the reasons listed and even more. Not convinced yet? Visit our website for more information, or contact us to schedule a tour and experience the difference for yourself.  At Children’s World we encourage your child to explore a bigger world and learn in new ways and create a brighter future.


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