What Makes a Child Care Center High Quality?

Children’s World Learning Center of Greenville, NC strives to provide high quality programs to our community. Our curriculum and activities keep our students learning and engaged all day long. The students, staff, curriculum and more all contribute to our high quality center. High quality learning is so beneficial for children, but what does high quality really mean? At Children’s World we talk about it all the time, so we want to make sure everyone knows exactly how we define our ‘high quality program”.




When a child walks through the door of Children’s World Learning Center, they will feel welcomed and excited to be here. Throughout the day they will interact with students and teachers, building meaningful relationships. The positive relationships your child builds in our facility will stay with them and transfer to the real world later on in life.




All of our students will learn reading and writing, as well as physical and socio-emotional skills through indoor and outdoor play. Their minds develop as they learn, create and explore. We provide the foundation of their learning career through individualized attention and group learning engagement. Learning in all environments promotes development and builds strong brains and bodies.




The teachers at Children’s World are highly educated and are invested in professional development. Through detailed curriculum and a family-centered environment, our teachers can create developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Not only do our teachers focus on your child’s education, but they are ensuring your child develops socially, emotionally, cognitively and creatively.




A high quality learning facility offers a great space for students to interact, explore and learn. Our “Five-Star” learning center provides students with a safe and nurturing environment for all ages. Inside the classroom and outside on the playground, students can interact and learn from one another. As their relationships grow, so do their minds.




Children’s World centers itself around family. We communicate with every parent so they know exactly what their child is doing when they are with us, and how they are improving. We offer services from birth through fifth grade, so siblings can be housed in the same facility, making it easy for parents to pick up and drop off.


Enrolling your child in Children’s World Learning Center starts with a visit to the center. Contact us today to schedule a visit, and let us show you what high quality really means.


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