Top 5 Learning Toys For Toddlers In 2019

The toy options today are endless, especially with the option of online shopping. You could find any toy you can imagine on Amazon, so which one is best for your toddler in 2019? A great toy should allow a child to get creative, engage, develop motor skills and learn. We broke it down to every toy category and found the best one for your toddler.

  1. Building Blocks: Mega Bloks

Bring out your child’s imagination with these building blocks. It includes 80 colorful pieces, so it’s great for all stages of development where they can create any structure they can think of. Each piece comes in multiple shapes and sizes which makes them easy to stack. The large blocks make it easy for even the smallest hands to hold. Blocks help toddlers with their motor skills and critical thinking. As they age they will begin to create more complex structures, so this toy purchase can provide years of fun.

  1. Electronic: VTech Little Apps Tablet  

Technology is everywhere, so why not give your child their own tablet. The VTech tablet gives children aged two to five a full range of independent fun. It has a color changing screen with a full alphabet and piano keyboard. This toy will teach them about their letters, counting, music and matching. With twelve activities there is always something new to learn.

  1. Interactive: VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

For toddlers two and up, this desk is packed with educational content that will keep them entertained for hours. There are pages dedicated to numbers, letters, colors and shapes. It has touch ability so your child has information at their fingertips. All they have to do is touch something on the page to learn more. This toy can peak their interests and keep them engaged. It has bright colors, music and even a chalkboard to keep the learning fun.

  1. Writing: LeapFrog Scribble and Write

Writing has been made easier by LeapFrog’s interactive writing toy. Kids can follow along with the guide as they write numbers and letters while getting feedback. It has multiple levels to introduce more complicated words as they learn. The screen lights up to help guide them through their writing to boost hand-eye coordination and teach them to write at a faster pace.

  1. Music: VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

There are so many aspects to this toy that your child will definitely stay busy. Every side of the cube has something to do, with a total of 14 interactive activities. Kids can press, slide, twist and spin to learn their numbers, letters, colors and sounds. This toy is great for developing motor skills and keeping them entertained.

Children’s World Learning Center

We know that your child is always learning. There are multiple outlets for them to learn from, so why not make it fun? Look for toys that can grab their attention, but don’t just light up and make noise. Toys that have educational content, talks to them or teaches rhymes have a great impact on your child’s development.  



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