Tips To Potty Train A Child In Daycare

Potty training a toddler is a team effort for everyone involved, especially if the child attends daycare or is under the care of a caregiver other than their parents. Though this may seem like a daunting task that you might want to put off as long as possible, it doesn’t have to be as long as everyone involved is on the same page. With a consistent approach and common encouragement techniques, your toddler can successfully transition to using the potty like a pro in no time. Children’s World Learning Center child care Greenville NC is here to share a few tips with you that we have learned over the years to make this adjustment go smoothly with as few tears, from both you and toddler, as possible. 

TIP 1: Consistency Is Key

Consistency should be the number one priority when potty training your toddler. While it is not insurmountable to have different systems, having the same rules and same equipment certainly can be helpful for a child’s mastery of this process. It is also vital that you discuss nap time potty training with your child care Greenville NC provider as well – for example, will pullups be allowed during naptime when accidents are most likely to happen? Accidents are bound to happen during this learning process, so make sure you discuss all aspects of potty training with your child’s caregivers so that the training stays consistent both at home and at daycare. 

TIP 2: Dress Your Child In Practical Clothing

When potty training your toddler, it is ideal that you dress them in clothing that is easy to pull on and off. Wearing hassle-free clothing is key to a child’s self-confidence and independence during this process. It is recommended that you dress them in practical clothing that can be quickly and easily pulled down by your child independently in time to avoid an accident. Children’s World Learning Center child care Greenville NC suggests sending at least two outfits of practical clothing each day in case your child has an accident and needs to be changed.

TIP 3: Rewards And Consequences

Before potty training starts, ask yourself these questions and discuss your ideas behind them with your child care Greenville NC provider: 

  • How will my child be rewarded for going potty? 
  • Is a reward applied if my child tries but doesn’t actually go? 
  • Is a diaper put back on if my child refuses? 
  • How are accidents handled? 

Again, consistency is key here. Start small, and remember that bribes and rewards can go a long way in a toddler’s mind. “If you can go until lunch without an accident, you get a sticker!” Then, “If you can go a whole day without an accident, we will go to your favorite park this weekend,” and so on. Let your child’s teacher know that you have offered a reward, so that they can continue to keep up the hype while your child is in their care. The same goes for consequences as well – Letting the child know that the teacher and parents are in constant communication about their progress will only reinforce the rewards and consequences throughout the training process.  

Children’s World Learning Center

A child who becomes successfully potty trained is a major achievement both for the child and their parents, as well as the child care Greenville NC team! A great partnership and unified goals, consistency, and open communication will help to achieve the desired results in no time. For more info about child care in Greenville NC, contact Children’s World Learning Center today!


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