Tips to Help with Separation Issues at Daycare

Whether your child has been enrolled in child care Greenville NC for years or is just about to start attending Children’s World daycare regularly, separation anxiety is an issue you may eventually face. Separation anxiety is emotionally draining for working parents and their children and can, unfortunately, hit at any stage in child development. Luckily, this type of anxiety won’t last forever. To help you and your family through these emotional times, here are a few tips that we have found to help ease separation anxiety to make morning drop-offs at daycare a little bit easier on everyone:

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Develop A Consistent Morning Routine

Children and adults alike feel the most secure when they know what to expect next. Following a consistent morning routine will help your child transition from home to child care Greenville NC. This will help them to remember what’s coming next, which is leaving you for the next several hours. Keeping the same routine, without skipping anything, will keep them stress and worry-free since they know what will come next. 

Use A Transition Toy Or Object

Plan ahead by asking your child if they want to bring in a special toy or object to show their teacher and friends. This can be your distraction ploy at the moment of goodbye. It is also a good idea to discuss a plan with your child about something fun you can do together after school. Even something as simple as getting them excited about what you plan to cook for dinner, or going grocery shopping together, can get them excited, giving them something to look forward to when they see you again.

Do Not Prolong Goodbyes

As hard as it is to leave your little one while they are upset, a drawn-out goodbye makes it far worse for everyone! Create a goodbye ritual for you and your child that is short and sweet. “I love you honey, have a great day and listen to your teachers. I will see you after work!” followed by a quick kiss, is a good place to start. It is important to set a positive tone, followed by a clean break. No matter how you’re feeling at drop off time, smile, and speak positively about how much fun your little one will have. Make your kid believe they are going to have a great day because they will! And most importantly, do not linger once you have said your goodbyes. 

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Though separation anxiety will take a toll on both you and your child, you can rest assured that they will be left in good hands with our staff at Children’s World. Our staff is highly qualified and trained to handle your child’s separation anxiety with grace, and will do everything they can to distract and soothe your child if they get upset about you leaving them. To learn more about getting your child enrolled at one of our five child care Greenville NC locations, contact us today!


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