Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Toddlers

Halloween is many children’s favorite holiday: buckets full of candy, fun costumes, spooky decorations, pumpkin carving, and more. All that fun can go down the drain with a costume that doesn’t fit quite right or a belly ache from too much candy. For an enjoyable Halloween, follow these tips:

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Choose the Right Costume

Simple costumes are the way to go. If the costume is cute but way too complicated, your child might not enjoy their night as much as they had planned. Avoid itchy fabrics and elaborate headpieces… they probably won’t last through the night. Stay away from costumes that don’t fit right so you can prevent your child from tripping over their own feet. Comfortable shoes are also a must since you will all be walking around all night.

Halloween Etiquette

Go over proper manners before heading out the door to trick-or-treat. Remind your child to only take one piece of candy at each house unless the homeowner says otherwise. Always say thank you after receiving candy. Having a short conversation about proper etiquette can save you a lot of headaches later in the evening.

Prepare for Scares

Spooky, scary costumes are part of the fun for the older crowd during Halloween. There are chances that someone will jump out and scare your crew or you’ll pass by someone with a seriously creepy costume. Prepare your child for this ahead of time by explaining to them that none of the costumes are real, they are normal people dressed up just like they are.

Candy Plan

That full-to-the-brim bucket of candy can be very tempting to a toddler. First off, you should always inspect your child’s candy to identify foods they may be allergic to, choking hazards, and any candy that is opened or looks questionable. Tell your child how many pieces of candy they can eat that evening, how many they can have in the days to come, and when it will be gone.

We hope that these tips will help you have a smooth Halloween evening full of fun!

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