The Benefits of Extra-Curriculars

Extra-curricular activities are a great way for your child to have fun, meet new people and get involved at their school. It helps their development along the way, and they don’t even notice it. At Children’s World, we offer a wide range of activities that can match any kid’s interest. At this time we plan to offer dance, gymnastics, music, and sports. We always want to listen to parents and see what activities they would like offered. The hidden benefits are endless, and we want all parents to see the benefits of extracurricular activities.


Social Development

Extra-curriculars promote teamwork and idea sharing. Common activities use teams to compete for a common goal. Your child will learn to work with their teammates using problem-solving, strategy and communication skills. They also learn the concept of good sportsmanship, and what it means to be a good teammate. Not only does this help as they age and compete in other activities, but also in life. Whether it is sports, art, music or clubs, participating in these activities is helping kids build friendships with their classmates. As they become friends with other kids their age they will develop language skills, conflict resolution, and build self-esteem.


Cognitive Development

Besides sports-related activities, things like art, music, and clubs are great extracurriculars to help your child grow. These outlets encourage your child to learn outside of the classroom setting. It is a fun way to gain knowledge, without the stress of tests. These activities promote self-growth as children explore their interests and creativity. Even in sports, a child is always developing. As children play games and compete with one another, kids are using logic, prediction skills and strategy.


Physical Development

As children progress and continue to advance in sports, their physical development improves. Sports promote good flexibility, agility, and strength. Playing sports, music, and art classes are not only a way to make friends and have fun, but they are constantly incorporating hand-eye coordination and motor skills which can transfer to the classroom.


Extra-curricular activities are a great enhancement to a child’s schooling. Children’s World offers a long list of activities in our half-size gymnasium. Not only is it a great way to get your child involved, but it gives you the convenience of an aftercare program, giving you more time for yourself. Get your child involved! Children’s World is Greenville, NC’s premier family of 5-star child care centers. To learn more about each of our four Greenville locations, or to request a tour, contact us today.


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