Technology In The Classroom

Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

Children’s World Learning Center integrates top-level technology in all classrooms in order to better assist teachers and students. The devices we have available include child-friendly tablets and computer toys, desktops, iPads, and Smart Boards.

These devices are beneficial tools which strengthen learning amongst students. Since technology is a growing tool of people’s daily lives, teaching children how these devices work at an early age is important. 

How Technology Enhances Learning

At Children’s World, we believe your child will significantly benefit from having technology readily available to them. In today’s world, the use of technology among adolescents and children is growing significantly.

When classrooms imitate the way that students engage outside of school, they are likely to succeed. Technology has the capability to change student’s learning environments for the better. It is an interactive tool, which provides students with valuable feedback that strengthens learning processes. We have found that incorporating the use of fun games which also teach children valuable math or reading skills is an excellent method of teaching.

Students gain critical thinking and problem solving skills when technological devices are incorporated in classrooms. When your children arrive at the high school and college level, the use of technology will be imperative to their learning. Therefore, incorporating technology at an early age will associate their schoolwork to today’s labor force.

About Us

We do not solely focus our attention on technology, and also want your child to be able to develop interpersonal skills with others. Our teachers are invest in your child’s education and communicate with parents on a regular basis.

Children’s World Learning Center brings a new and refreshing outlook on child care in the Greenville NC area. Our program has been carefully crafted to ensure that children of all ages receive an excellent education and are provided with high-quality child care.

Children’s World is Greenville, NC’s premier family of 5-star child care centers. To learn more about each of our four Greenville locations, or to request a tour, Contact Us Today!



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