Sensory Play & Your Child’s Development

Have you ever noticed that it is a lot easier to remember things when your senses are involved? Well, the same goes for toddlers and children, which is why sensory play is such a crucial part of their learning experience. Sensory play involves using the 5 senses, smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste. Playing while using these different senses literally helps children make sense of the world around them.

For example, if you have a fussy child that hates the texture of wet spaghetti, having that same touch experience helps their brain create a positive association with the sensation and that it is in fact, not dangerous or scary at all. It helps the child develop trust and understanding, and thus he or she creates a positive attitude toward new sensory experiences.

Other benefits include language development, cognitive growth, problem-solving skills, and fine and gross motor skills. It is also a great tool when trying to calm an anxious or frustrated child, and helps them learn to regulate their emotions. A crucial skill that they will use for the rest of their life.

Here at the Children’s World, we take these learning experiences seriously and implement different stimulating activities for our children. These include reading children’s books, tummy time, a variety of different sensory play, and some simple games. We also like to provide our parents with detailed daily reports that are filled with all the individualized information about their child’s day. But their learning experience doesn’t have to end when they leave the Children’s World, you can create fun, new sensory experiences with your child at home, as well!

When choosing what type of sensory experience you want your child you have, you are in luck because there are so many different types that you can make and most of them are actually quite simple. You can make sensory bottles, sensory tables, sensory bags, sensory slime, and so many others. Whatever you choose to make is fine, but we are going to give you a quick and easy “recipe” so that you can make sensory slime at home.

DIY Fluffy Rainbow Slime

To make this fun slime you will need…

1 gallon of Elmer’s Glue

Liquid Starch

Food Coloring


Shaving Cream

In each bowl (how many bowls depends on how many colors you want) you will pour approximately 2 cups of Elmer’s glue and mix it together with your food coloring. Your slime can be any color, so go ahead and get creative with it. After you have achieved the color you want you will then you will spray in 1 to 2 cups of extra moisturizing shaving cream, and mix it all together. After that is well mixed, add in 2 to 3 tablespoons of liquid starch and the texture will change almost immediately. When that is done, start kneading the slime to get your desired texture. Pro tip: if you notice that the slime is still very sticky go ahead and add more liquid starch as it will help with the stickiness. And that’s it! You can also add other sensory items such as sparkles if you wish.



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