Safe and Positive Ways for Kids to Release Energy

Kids usually have a lot of energy. This energy, if burned in the right way, can help your child learn how to be more creative, active, and social. However, energy can also be destructive. The best way to help them release that energy in a healthy way is to show them!

Children like to do what their parents do, so if you want them to play outside, invite them outside with you. They are also kept quite busy at Children’s World, a center for child care Winterville NC, but they might have a little energy left over when they get home or on the weekends. Here are a few other ways you can do with your kids to help them get rid of some of that energy.

Join a Local Sports Team

Sports can help children learn how to work as a team, have good sportsmanship, hard work, and resilience along with releasing some of that energy. You can try sports like soccer, basketball, swimming, dance, gymnastics, t-ball, cheerleading, and even tennis. Depending on your area, you can have your kids participate in sports year-round. It’s also a great way for both adults and kids to make new friends!

Go for a Walk or Bike Ride

This can encourage your family to bond and learn more about the world around you. If your kids like to run, you can have them stop at the next driveway or mailbox to wait for you to catch up. Encourage them to stay out of the road and stop running when there are cars driving by.

Make Chores Into Games

You can have kids push full baskets of laundry down the hallway and see who can push it faster or farther. You can also hide stuffed animals around the house in especially dirty areas and have your kids find them. Playing basketball with dirty laundry by throwing socks and clothes into the hamper can also teach them about hand-eye coordination and putting their laundry away! Just make sure that you collect all the clothes that were missed. This way, you can knock out two birds with one stone! At Children’s World, a child care Winterville NC center, we encourage kids to clean up after themselves and keep their spaces clean. However, it’s also important that you do the same at home!

Play Dress-Up

Encouraging kids to think outside the box and be creative is a great way to get them moving and thinking. You can play dress-up with costumes from the store, or you can create your own costumes and play with those! You can go on an adventure in your very own backyard! Creating and building scenery can add to the experience and help them learn critical thinking.

Draw with Chalk Outside

With chalk, you can draw on just about anything and it’ll wash off with a little bit of water. You can create a mural on the side of the house or street, create an obstacle course and take your kids through it, or even the infamous game of hop-scotch!

Go to the Local Park

Taking your kids to the park can get them moving, social, and even learn about problem-solving. Parks have a lot of games and equipment that they can climb all over and use. If it’s a fairly slow day at the park, you can show them how to use the equipment safely, play hide and seek or tag, and encourage them to try every part of the playground that they want. If there are a lot of people around, it’s a good idea that you keep a close eye on them to make sure they stay out of trouble. However, it’s a good opportunity to teach them about sharing and cooperation with others.

Children’s World | Greenville, NC

Your children are sure to learn and do a lot at Children’s World, but even after child care Winterville NC, they still might have a lot of energy left to burn. It’s important to teach children to use this energy in a positive and beneficial way for everyone. Children’s World is a great place for your kids to express themselves and release some of that energy. While they play and learn, they’ll also be able to interact with other kids and adults. To learn more about our programs and curriculums, visit our website!


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