Practical Chores for Toddlers

Most children are mobile and have a basic vocabulary by 15 months, so it is a great time to get them involved in daily tasks. If a certain chore seems to be too much, you can always work to ease your child into it. There are multiple ways to incorporate early childhood education into everyday life. Here are a few ways your child can help with chores around the house:


Your child can help with dishes by unloading the bottom rack or standing on a stool to help put things away. This is also a good way to teach your child about handling things carefully and staying safe around sharp objects like knives.

Washing Machine

Put a small stool in front of the washing machine and let your child toss dirty clothes in. They can even help you separate the whites and darks from the colors!

Feeding Household Pets

Using a scoop may call for a big mess, so try using a cup or empty tin can for your child to scoop up the pet’s food. You can also reuse a water bottle and let your child empty it into their water bowl.

Folding Laundry

While your child may not be able to properly fold shirts and other items of clothing, they can help fold washcloths and match socks! It may take practice, but they will learn along the way.

Cleaning Up Toys

Many children can learn how to clean up toys before they can walk. Teach your child to take control of their own messes by showing them how to put toys back in bins and books back on shelves after they are no longer in use.

Wipe Spills

Spills happen often with toddlers, so teach your child how to take responsibility for their messes by asking them to help get a towel when spills occur. They can then help you clean up the spill. Keep a few sets of towels or washcloths on a low shelf so your child can have access to the tools they need when accidents happen.

Water Plants

Get your child a small watering can that they can carry to water outdoor plants. Pouring is an excellent gross motor activity, so this is one of the first chores a child can accomplish. Start with outdoor plants to avoid water spillage indoors, and then move to indoor plants once your child becomes more precise and coordinated.

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