PARENTING TIPS: Your Child’s First Day Of Daycare

Best childcare Greenville NC | Children's World Learning CenterThe first day of daycare is always a big day for both you and your kids. Whether you are going back to work after having a new baby or going back to work after being a stay at home parent, it is always hard to leave your child at daycare for the first time. But since you have done your research and already picked out the best childcare Greenville NC has to offer, Children’s World Learning Center is here to share some tips with you on how to make your child’s first day at daycare as smooth as possible for the both of you:

  1. Be optimistic – The morning of your child’s first day of daycare will most likely come with lots of anxiety on your end, and maybe a little bit of guilt for not being able to stay home with them anymore. But make sure that you keep your spirits up – babies and young children can sense your emotions, and can quickly pick up on your mood. Be sure to stay positive and excited so that your kids will too!
  2. Don’t Hang Around – Do not drag out the drop off. Make sure you are present, affectionate, and calm, but once you say your goodbyes get out of there. This will make you leaving easier on you and your child. Even though you are sad to say goodbye, you handpicked the best childcare Greenville NC has to offer, so you know they are in good hands at Children’s World Learning Center!
  3. Connect Your Child With A Caregiver – Ensure your child greets and connects with their caregiver before you depart. If your baby is young, ensure that you place your baby in the arms of the caregiver. This way, your child understands that the caregiver is taking your place and will protect and take care of them while you are away.
  4. Do Not Sneak Out – Always tell your child goodbye and that you are leaving. Never sneak away, as this might make your child question their trust in you. If they are old enough to understand time, let them know that you will pick them up after work around a certain time, so that they have something to look forward to throughout the day and they know you plan to return for them. 
  5. Build A Relationship With Your Child’s Caregiver – Be sure to connect with your child’s caregiver and get their contact information. Establishing a warm and friendly relationship on the first day will give you peace of mind throughout the day and weeks to come. They understand how tough it is to leave your children, so touch base with them at drop off and pick up as often as you can to get feedback on how your child is adjusting at daycare.
  6. Make The Pick Up Exciting – When picking up your child from their first day at daycare, make it as exciting as possible. Give them a big smile and a warm hug and ask them all about their day. You may be surprised that it wasn’t as hard for them as you might think and that they can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

Children’s World Learning Center – The Best Childcare Greenville NC Has To Offer

We hope that these tips will help to make you feel more confident in your choice to send your child to Children’s World, the best childcare Greenville NC has to offer! If you follow these six tips, you and your child’s first day of daycare should go as smoothly as possible, hopefully with few tears and big smiles all around. Contact Children’s World Learning Center today to learn more about our facilities and schedule your tour!



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