Learning at the Beach

This summer if you have beach and lake trips planned for you and your family, incorporate some easy learning techniques to introduce your child to something new. There is an abundance of wildlife and environmental elements that can be introduced to your child to keep their brain from summer learning loss.

The Wildlife

When you are near the water you will be able to see so much wildlife that your child won’t be able to see at home. If you are at a beach, take a walk along the water to see the crabs, small fish and any other animal that may swim near the shore. While spending time at the lake, the wildlife can be different too. While on a boat talk about the fish, and see if your child can spot any.

The Environment

Being at the water can be a whole new world for your child. They may not understand why the ocean has waves, how the sand got there, or where all the shells come from. As you walk along the water explain to them and see what questions they come up with. Go back to the dunes and see what the beach may have looked like before. Being at a beach or a lake can give them so much information about the environment they’re in.

Bring it Home

Give your child a bucket and allow them to walk around collecting shells, rocks or anything else that may catch their eye. Bring it home and empty the bucket out on a towel. Go through each item and help them identify it through a book or the internet. Collecting the items is fun for them, and learning about them can teach them how they are formed and why they are at the beach.


These small activities can have a large impact on your child’s learning. They can learn about the water and the sand in school, but experiencing hands-on learning in real life can have a bigger impact. The best part is that your child will not realize they are learning, they are just having fun. These activities can even happen in your backyard if you can’t get to the beach. Take a look and see what kind of rocks and trees you can find.



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