Keeping Toddlers Entertained on Road Trips

A road trip with a toddler can be difficult for any parent. Not only is car travel with toddlers tiring, it can be pretty dangerous too. It’s nearly impossible to focus on driving when a restless child is demanding constant attention. Are you having trouble surviving long car rides with your kids? Children’s World Learning Center has compiled five tips to keep your child safe and entertained during long car rides from our Child Care Winterville NC team.

Get An Early Start

Most younger children are happiest in the mornings, so we recommend hitting the road as early as possible. If you’re lucky, your kid might even go back to sleep for a little while during the beginning of the drive. Even if they don’t nap on the way, leaving early gives you a better chance of getting your toddler to bed at a reasonable time.

Play Fun Car Games

One of the best ways to keep your toddler entertained in the car is by playing fun car games. Older kids will enjoy this as well! From scavenger hunts to I Spy, there are plenty of games to plan for your road trip that will help pass the time while having fun.

Pack Some Snacks

Driving long distances with a hungry kid in the car isn’t fun for anyone! Make sure to stock up on a few favorites before you hit the road. Our Child Care Winterville NC staff recommends something that your little ones can eat mindfully and slowly, like string cheese!

Plan Short Stops Along The Way

Toddlers have endless energy, and spending hours in the car with no breaks is simply impossible. Even though it may be tempting to drive straight to your destination, you should make an effort to schedule a few short breaks along the way. Make sure to stop at areas where the kids can move around and get some energy out. Parks and playgrounds are ideal because they won’t be too time consuming. Once you’re ready to hit the road again, your child will be ready to rest and maybe even be tired enough to take a quick nap.

Embrace Educational Screen Time

While screen time for young children should be extremely limited, road trips can be an exception to the rule. When all else fails, movies or television shows can keep kids enthralled. If you’re allowing your child more screen time than usual for the sake of a peaceful road trip, try to keep it educational. Check out our list of Educational Shows For Your Preschoolers To Watch for inspiration.

Child Care Winterville NC – Children’s World Learning Center

Taking long road trips with toddlers and young children doesn’t have to be a headache. Keep these tips from our Child Care Winterville NC experts in mind, and your road trip will be a blast for the whole family!


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