Indicators of High Quality Childcare

As the year is coming to an end, you are finding yourself wondering if you want to keep your child with their current daycare in the new year. Chances are you are looking online and worn out the “childcare near me” search results on Google. You know what is important to you when it comes to childcare and daycare centers, but what other standards should you hold your childcare provider to? Looking past the typical things for your peace of mind, we have put together a list of things that are key indicators of high-quality childcare industry-wide.


Key Characteristics

Several research studies have been conducted and found that many high-quality child care situations have some key characteristics in common. Looking at these characteristics you can ensure that as a parent you are making the right decision in selecting a childcare center. Whether it be analyzing new opportunities, or looking to assess your current provider.

  • Low child to teacher ratios
  • Small group size & breakouts
  • Caregiver’s education and experience as well as ongoing training
  • A director who has prior childcare experience
  • Low turnover rates
  • Positive teacher and child interactions
  • Accreditation that is higher than the minimum licensing standards
  • Age appropriate activities
  • Overall cleanliness and safety practices


Low Child to Teacher Ratios

Two of the most important things on the list are low child to teacher ratios and staff education. Low child to teacher ratios enables caregivers to react to the individual needs of each child. This gives every child plentiful consideration while making a solid bond, adding to the kid’s security. Advanced education enables staff to comprehend the necessities and improvement of youthful kids. This enables the instructors to design exercises for the kids and implement them in suitable ways.


If you take all of these items into account you will definitely find high-quality child care in your area. When it comes to Childcare in Greenville NC, Children’s World Learning Center offers the highest quality in early childhood education and ensures that your child is off to a great developmental start. With close ties to Walton Academy as well, many of our younger students continue their education in a familiar environment that fosters growth across the board. Contact us today to get started!



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