How Do Toddlers Learn?

As babies begin to move from crawling to walking, then they enter the toddler stage. Toddlers absorb a lot of information in this stage so it is an important time as they continue to develop. Being able to toddle around the house is a big deal for a small child (toddler). They will want to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time. There’s no set time in which toddler’s will learn and development is an individual experience, with all toddlers progressing at their own pace.


Main Ways of Learning

Toddlers are constantly learning, and here are a few methods in which they learn:


  • Through observing things around them, in home and when out and about
  • Through listening to conversations between family members, old and young
  • Through questioning everything, literally everything
  • Through trying out new activities, mainly through copying siblings
  • Through practicing new skills, like walking


Learning Through Fun Activities at Home


Teaching your child important things through fun activities at home is a great way to teach your child. Trying to incorporate math skills with a fun twist at home helps your toddler learn new skills. Lining up building blocks next to your child and walking them through counting techniques can help them learn valuable math skills.


Another fun way to help your child learn new skills is through labeling your household. Picking a few items that your toddler is familiar with in your home is a good place to start. Making the labels the same size and a basic readable font can help them begin to put names to these items in your home. Labeling allows the child to understand that all things have symbols (letters in this case). If your child is old enough to recognize letters, ask her/him what letter “lamp” starts with and ask her to find that label that starts with an “L.” Working through these exercises with your child can help them identify different letters and ultimately improve their vocabulary and reading.


How Can Children’s World Learning Center Help?

Children’s World centers itself around family. We communicate with every parent so they know exactly what their child is doing when they are with us, and how they are improving. We offer services from birth through fifth grade, so siblings can be housed in the same facility, making it easy for parents to pick up and drop off. Enrolling your child in Children’s World Learning Center starts with a visit to the center. Contact us today to schedule a visit, and let us show you what high quality really means.


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