Get Your Kids to Eat (and Love) Their Vegetables

Getting your kids to eat more than macaroni and cheese and pizza can be a hassle. Some kids just prefer what they already know instead of something weird-shaped and green. Of course, this makes sense. It’s natural to stick to something we already know rather than try something new, especially when it comes to foods. However, there are ways that we can encourage kids to eat their vegetables with little to no struggle, and Children’s World, the best daycare Winterville NC, wants to help!

Make Veggies One of Their First Foods

Since kids like to stick with foods they already know, it’s a great idea to get them started on healthy meals as early as 6 months. Small vegetables like chopped, soft carrots and peas can encourage them to start eating vegetables as they grow. You can also give it to them as snacks as they get older and eat the same snacks, too. If they see you eat it and enjoy it, they are going to be more likely to try it themselves.

Leave Them in Plain Sight and Ready to Eat

If they are in front of the refrigerator, chopped, washed, and ready to eat, they will see them more often and be more likely to try them. Since there isn’t any prep for them to do, they make an easy snack!

Offer Dressings Like Ranch

Have your kids try vegetables without the dressing first and see if they will eat them. Vegetables are better for you if they don’t have dressing, but it does make them taste better. You can try adding a tiny bit of dressing to their plate and show them that they don’t need a lot. Peanut butter (if they aren’t allergic) can also help with vegetables like celery to make it taste better and improve texture.

Talk to Them About Salads

Salads are a great way to get a daily serving of vegetables. You can put so many different things in a salad, too; ham, strawberries, chicken, and other foods can help to make salads taste better if they don’t like them. It’s also a great way to incorporate other food groups in with their vegetable intake!

Include Them in Lunches or Snacks Throughout the Day

Salads are great for lunches because they can mix and make them themselves! You can put the ingredients in a container or bags to mix them together. You can also pack individual vegetables with a dressing so they can dip them. Children’s World, one of the best daycare Winterville NC has to offer, has time for healthy snacks and lunches that kids love.

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