Explore, Learn & Create at Children’s World

Have you been looking for a premier child care learning center in the eastern, North Carolina area? Well here’s your opportunity, look no more! Child’s World Learning Center is a place that cares about the importance of your child’s developmental growth and education. Children’s World provides a safe environment for your child to learn, explore and create in this world. Here are a few benefits of our NC Learning Center at Children’s World.




Children’s World Learning Center has been rated 5 Stars by the North Carolina Division of Child Development & Early Education. This is a huge deal for Children’s World because this rating identifies the learning center to be a the top of the list for quality childcare.


Quality Child Care


Children’s World Learning Center feels strongly that high-quality experiences can help promote children’s social, emotional, physical, communication, and cognitive development, and lay the foundation for later success in life.


Why these things matter


Children’s World Learning Center agrees with scientific research that most important components of a high-quality program are the educational levels of staff and the activities that occur on a daily basis with children.

These are all great benefits to having your child enrolled in Children’s World Learning Center in Greenville, North Carolina. If you want your child to be apart of a learning community that cares about your child’s developmental growth then you should check out Children’s World today and see what it has to offer for your child. Please feel free to contact any of our locations and even check out our virtual tour on the website here!


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