Encouraging Learning at Home in Greenville, NC

Whether your child is home from school or you are looking for some fun, educational activities to do on the weekend, you can get your child excited about learning no matter where they are. Child care in Greenville, NC doesn’t have to be the only place for learning. Try these activities:

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Learning Games

A great way to get kids to having fun while learning is to make it a moving activity. For your preschoolers, play games that help them learn numbers, farm animals, colors, and shapes. Try creating a scavenger hunt! For the school-aged kids, include history, foreign languages, or anatomy. There are many things you can teach, and there are no limits to the activities you can do.


Learning the basics of phonics helps children be prepared for reading and spelling. While you may think that learning phonics means sitting down and repeating letter sounds over and over, there are many activities you can do to make phonics fun. Create games in which the kids look for items around the house that start with certain sounds, make alphabet books, cut out letters from paper and have a letter hunt, or use a digital camera to take pictures of items and bring the lesson to life.

Science Experiments

Science experiments don’t always have to be extravagant to be fun and exciting. There are many simple science experiments, such as using gumdrops and toothpicks to create shapes, that can easily be done from your home. There are also other experiments that are a bit more involved, but your house won’t be a disaster when all is said and done. 

Plant a Garden

Gardens are more than just seeds in the ground. They are a wonderful science lesson, and can teach kids a lot about nutrition as well as patience as they wait for the plants to grow. They will be excited to eat vegetables they have grown themselves. You can even encourage the kids to document their garden with photos and a journal, study the scientific names of the plants, and grow more difficult ones as time goes on. 

Children’s World

At Children’s World Learning Center, we know that the early years of life matter because early experiences affect the brain. As a child’s brain grows, the quality of the experiences that a child has creates either a sturdy or fragile foundation for all of the development and behaviors that follow. Parents want to make educated choices for their families, and getting things right the first time is better than trying to fix them later. Contact us today!


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