Benefits Of Small Daycare Class Sizes

What and how children learn during the first few years of their lives are the building blocks for successful lifelong learning. With that being said, it’s no surprise that class sizes make a huge difference in a child’s education, especially during their toddler and preschool years. At Children’s World Learning Center, the best daycare in Greenville NC, we pride ourselves in limiting class sizes according to the NCDHHS standards:  

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While you may know some of these benefits already, take a look at our list for more reasons to enroll your preschooler at Children’s World Learning Center, the best daycare in Greenville NC:

More Individualized Attention

Smaller classes allow our teachers to create personalized learning paths that will suit each student’s unique personality. Because of the small student-to-teacher ratio, we get to know how each student learns and where they stand in class. This is very beneficial when designing activities and various methods of learning to make sure each student learns and understands the lessons.

More Time For Teaching

Fewer children in one class mean lesser time teachers spend managing the students and keeping them in place. This allows more time for the teacher to teach each lesson and more time for the students to grasp each concept.

Higher Success Rates For Children

When the right focus is given to a child in their early educational years, they are more likely to also exhibit good performance as they progress in their studies. This translates to a higher success rate for your child in and out of the classroom.

Good Socialization Platform

Connecting with other students and expressing their feelings will be much easier for your little one in a smaller classroom setting. Even shy students will get to open up and be more comfortable around their classmates and teacher.

Personalized Feedback For Parents

With a small class, parents can expect more personalized feedback from teachers on the performance and behavior of their children. Small class sizes also create an opportunity for parents to speak often with teachers, and to be directly involved with their toddler or preschooler’s education.

Children’s World Learning Center

Children’s World Learning Center brings a new and refreshing outlook on child care in the Greenville NC area. Our small class sizes and unique program have been carefully crafted to ensure that children of all ages receive an excellent education and are provided with high-quality child care. To schedule a tour at the best daycare in Greenville NC, contact us today!


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