Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

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In recent years, it has become custom to allow our children to entertain themselves with iPads, video games, or other forms of technology. We may not realize the impact that this has on our children and their social growth. Extracurricular activities provide many positive benefits for your children, and benefit you as a parent by giving you some time to yourself!

Getting Them Involved

Getting your child involved in extracurricular activities will teach them how to follow a schedule and get into a routine. They will know what to expect after each school day rather than having an empty schedule. It will also open doors for them to find their passions and skills, and may develop into a talent that will take them very far in the future. College application time comes in the blink of an eye, and although your children may be young now, those extracurriculars may stick with them throughout their lives and make a huge difference on their applications!

Find Fun Activities

Exploring new things is vital in the development of young children. This will help them find activities they love, and will even help build self-esteem and confidence! Participating in sports teams at a young age will pay off in the long run; learning these teamwork skills will allow your child to thrive in social and occupational settings later in life.

As your child grows older, they will learn to set goals based on not only their extracurriculars, but other important areas of life as well. This will improve your child’s motivation and inspire them to work hard each and every day.

Get Active!

If your child is not the sporty type and you feel as if extracurriculars would not be the best fit for them, try taking time out of the day to play outside with them or go for a stroll rather than watching television! Spending less time with electronics and more time in fresh air will work wonders for you and your child.



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