After-School Programs Can Make All The Difference in Your Child’s Future

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Are you exploring the vast after-school program options near you? If you are, we have some information that could be beneficial to your general childcare knowledge and even help you narrow in on the very best after-school programs in Greenville NC.

Why Are Afterschool Programs Important?

So, why is an effective after-school program so important? It’s because afterschool programs go that extra mile which is often missing during a child’s typical school day. If you’re now wondering how exactly afterschool programs go that absolutely necessary extra mile, consider these things – providing nutritious meals, improving behavior, teaching leadership skills, 1-on-1 tutoring, daily physical activity, and increased self-confidence.

After-School programs offer your school-age child a change of scenery from school, to a place where learning and fun go hand-in-hand. The environment at afterschool is ideal for any child because it is free from the pressure of high-stakes testing and encourages children to venture outside their comfort zones to explore and experiment. The combination of a fun, safe, learning environment, away from the classroom, is an imperative necessity for enabling your K-12 child to grow and succeed in their later life.

The Effects of After-School Programs

After-school programs have been shown to provide children with much more than just a safe environment. Here are some facts on how, after schools positively impact children’s futures:

  • The Boys and Girls club study revealed that 82% of teens in after-school took part in leadership roles such as student council
    Statistic per
  • Over 40% of students who attended afterschool programs improved their reading and math grades
  • Participation in afterschool programs has been associated with reduced drug use and gang affiliation
  • After-school programs can improve a child’s classroom behavior, school attendance, academic aspirations, and reduce the likelihood of dropout. Statistics per

Still not sure if after-school is the right move for your child? How about the fact that great after-school programs are so much more than just an average childcare service because they offer your child experiential learning through hands-on activities and experiences. The lessons they will learn here are priceless and will last them a lifetime, leaving very little left to be desired.

Benefits of an After-School Program

Here is a brief list of the top things a quality after-school program can do for kids.

Building Confidence:

The stakes are low. Their friends are there as well as trained educators. We introduce them to a little bit of public speaking and boost their self-esteem in the process.

Physical Activity and Healthy Habits:

Let them run! By burning off more energy, kids will discover why it’s essential to stay active and healthy. Besides, these physical activities educate your child on teamwork and sportsmanship. Win, win!

Make Learning Fun:

For children with learning and attention issues, fun, yet, educational activities can be stress-free and very meaningful. We offer art projects and performing arts opportunities that can help kids discover new interests.

Academic Help:

Our staff is ready for homework help. No, we do not do their work for them. We take the time to help our kids 1-on-1 to give guidance, encourage, and offer support.

Why Children’s World Learning Center?

Don’t stress over the countless after-school programs around. Children’s World is here, and we make it easy to see why we are the obvious choice for your child’s after-school care center. Our desire here at Children’s World is to enhance all of our students’ cognitive, social, and emotional development. We strive to achieve this and to be Greenville’s #1 after-school program by providing an environment rich with academic skill development, character enrichment, and fun!

With two locations in Greenville offering our after-school program, and student pick-up at most Pitt County Public Schools, we make it easy to get us. If our after-school program sounds like something you would like your child to benefit from, you can get more information about our program offerings here. If you would like to talk to someone directly about our programs, contact us today!


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