5 Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy at Daycare

Your kids are probably so excited to see the lower fall temperatures in the weather forecast, but as a parent, the changing temps make you fear getting the dreaded phone call that your child is sick and needs to be picked up right away from daycare. At Children’s World, we know that infants and toddlers are more susceptible to infections because they’re coming into contact with illnesses they’ve never had before, and studies have even shown that babies and toddlers in daycare were sick more frequently but were less likely to fall ill once they started grade school. The bottom line is that getting sick is inevitable while attending daycare, but here are a few tips from Children’s World child care Greenville NC with things you can do to prevent your kid from catching a bug while there:

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Healthy Eating Boosts Immunity

Experts agree that a healthy diet high in fruits, vegetables, and iron-rich foods, as well as plenty of sleep, are key to a strong immune system. This can significantly reduce the number of colds and flu bugs your child picks up while in child care Greenville NC, and can even protect the rest of your family against these minor ailments.

Enforce Hand-Washing Regularly Throughout the Day

Teaching your little ones to wash their hands before and after every meal and at regular intervals throughout their day can reduce the build-up of germs on skin surfaces and can keep children safer when in contact with others in their peer group. Staff members at the daycare should also maintain these best practices as well. 

Understand Your Daycare’s Sick Policy

Most facilities, including Children’s World child care Greenville NC, require parents to pick up their children immediately if they have a fever. When children do fall ill, it is critical that the daycare provides separate and safe areas for these children before they are picked up by parents or guardians. This can protect well children against exposure to the disease while allowing sick children the chance to rest and recuperate. Be sure you understand and agree with the daycare’s policy and find out if it’s being enforced.


Despite recent controversies, vaccination remains the most effective way to protect against many serious childhood illnesses. Most major public health organizations, as well as Children’s World, endorse the use of vaccines to prevent children from contracting or spreading these potentially dangerous diseases. Following the advice of your pediatrician can help you reduce the risks for your own child and the children with whom he or she has contact. 

Keep Shared Toys Clean

Regular cleaning and sanitation of toys and other shared items in preschool and child care environments can help to prevent the transmission of colds and flu among younger children. Since nearly everything finds its way to infant and toddlers’ mouths, keeping toys and plastic surfaces clean and germ-free can reduce the risk of disease transmission in these child care Greenville NC centers for early childhood education.

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At Children’s World Learning Center, we know that the early years of life matter because early experiences affect the brain. As a child’s brain grows, the quality of the experiences that a child has creates either a sturdy or fragile foundation for all of the development and behaviors that follow. Parents want to make educated choices for their families, and getting things right the first time is better than trying to fix them later. Contact us today!


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