5 Benefits of Reading to Your Little One

At such a young age, you aren’t sure if there are any benefits to reading to your baby. They can’t talk yet, so can they even understand what you’re saying to them? According to Parents Magazine, there are multiple benefits to reading to your children, even at their newborn stage.

1. It Creates Bonding Time

Even if your baby isn’t talking yet, they still can learn from the sound of your voice. Reading to your baby every day creates a special time for the two of you. The sound of your voice is nurturing to them and can help them create a bond with you.

2. It Prepares Them to Read on Their Own

Although they can’t understand what you are saying yet, they can understand the tone and rhythm of how you’re speaking. The more you read to your little one, the more words they are exposed to. This can help them later on when they are trying to understand the words they are reading.

3. Give Them an Advanced Vocabulary

It has been shown that newborns who were read to regularly have a larger vocabulary and advanced math skills later on in their life. There is a direct correlation to the number of words a baby hears every day and their language skills.

4. The Beginnings of Emotion

As your voice changes in tone and rhythm when you read to them, those differences relate to emotions. Changing your voice between different characters or even describing what is happening in the story can evoke emotion. Your baby will learn that words have meaning and they can begin to understand that different sounds mean different things.

5. An Introduction to Visuals

Books with large colorful pictures are a great thing to read to your baby. From the ages of newborn to three months, your baby’s eyes can begin to focus in on specific patterns and shapes. As your baby ages, they will begin to recognize the shapes they see in their books in real life.

Besides all of the benefits reading has to offer to your little one, this introduces reading as a daily activity as they age. Reading at all ages should be enjoyable and not a chore. Introducing a good attitude about reading at a young age is something that can stick with your baby for life.



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