Premier Child Care in Greenville NC

Children’s World Learning Center is premier child care in Greenville North Carolina. This NC learning center’s top priority is the well-being of the children in our care and our mission is for every child to learn, create, and explore in an environment that is nurturing and safe.

This NC learning center serves children 6 weeks through 12 years of age and offers a variety of services and child care programs for families and children of all ages in Greenville, NC.

Infant Program

Our infant program provides nurturing environments that are safe, clean, and visually stimulating for infants. The infant program is highly recommended because the fastest rate of growth in all areas of development occurs from infancy to twelve months. The teachers at this NC learning center focus on engaging infants in stimulating activities such as: reading books, tummy time, socializing, sensory play and simple games.


Toddler Program

The toddler program provides safe and fun places for children to learn and explore their surroundings. This program at the NC learning center focuses on the teachers building trusting relationships with the toddlers while engaging in social activities.


Preschool Program

This NC learning center also offers a preschool program leading children into the pre-kindergarten program. This program allows children to explore their independence, make their own decisions, and ask lots of questions in a learning environment. The teachers for this program focus on pre-literacy skills, small group activities and physical activities.


This NC learning center  has many amazing programs for your children and family. There is also an after-school program that inspires and motivates children to excel in their studies. So if you’re looking for a great program at a NC learning center, join Children’s World Learning Center today!



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