3 Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

If you ask a child what their favorite season is, I’m sure many of them will say Summer. Summer is a warm time filled with trips to the pool, the park and the beach. Most kids are not in school during the Summer, so it is important to keep them learning. There’s plenty of workbooks you could have them complete, but that would be boring and I’m sure they’d put up a fight. Children’s World Learning Center knows how to make learning fun, so we want to share three tips on how to keep your child learning this Summer without them even realizing it.

Plan a Field Trip

There are plenty of outdoor adventures you can take your child on that are full of hidden learning experiences. Your children could learn so much about our earth from the wildlife at zoos, aquariums and nature exhibits. While they are having fun running around, seeing all of the animals, they can read the signs and learn about where each one comes from. Visiting a garden or nursery can teach them about plants, how they grow and where our food comes from. Bring them outdoors to the beach or a lake. Teach them about the wildlife, plants and have fun in the sand.

Get Creative

A big art project could be fun for any age. Get a large canvas or piece of paper and bring your kids outside, giving them full range. Finger painting, markers and chalk allow your child to mix the colors and get creative. While they are outside they can incorporate flowers, grass and sticks and glue them on the page. While your kid is creating, ask them questions. What colors should you mix to get green? What color should you paint the sky? This keeps their mind going without even realizing it.

Get Competitive With Summer Reading

A competition can be fun at any age. Have each child guess how many books they think they can read by the end of the Summer, and see if they can beat their guess. Every week take trips to the library so they can pick out new ones and spend time in a learning environment. Here is a list of Summer books that children can read! Each week encourage them to pick a different genre so their learning can be well-rounded.

Children’s World Learning Center

We want every child to learn, create and explore; even outside of the classroom. We offer a Summer Camp filled with lots of exciting activities and new learning experiences. Our Summer camp is designed to inspire and motivate your child to explore the world around them. Our goal is to enhance your child’s academic, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth by participating in fun-filled enrichment activities. Our campers participate in daily enrichment activities such as Reading, Math, Science Explorations, Great Literature, Fine Arts, Theater, Character Development, writing, and exploring many different cultures, customs, and languages. When children are having fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning. The learning process doesn’t have to end when school does, so bring them back in the fall ready to begin again. Contact Us Today for more information regarding our Summer Camps or other Curriculum.



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