3 Ways to Encourage Kids to Get Their Homework Done

Now that the school season is moving along, kids might start to lose that, “first day of the new year” motivation and excitement. Schoolwork and homework could start to feel monotonous to children, which can lead to disinterest. At Children’s World, one of the best Greenville child care centers, we have an after-school program, during which we help kids with their homework and encourage learning. Getting your kids to do, let alone want to do, their homework at home can be a struggle, but here are some ways that you c

an encourage them to get their work done.

Use Rewards or Find Their Drive

Using a rewarding method to encourage kids to do their work is a great place to start. Let’s say your child really likes to draw or watch television. You can use these as rewards for when your child finishes an assignment. For example, for every page or assignment they complete, they get 10 minutes of drawing or TV time. This way, the more they complete, the more they get to enjoy the things they like. Here at Children’s World, a Greenville child care center, we like to encourage kids with games!

You can also find ways to associate homework with something positive. Making it into a game is a great way to get them to work without it feeling like it’s work. You can also give them small snacks or a mint while they work, so they associate the taste of the snack to what they are learning. If rewards, video games, or time outside drives them to finish their work, use this to your advantage!

Find a Comfortable Place and Minimize Distractions

While some students can do work with the television or lyrical music, many kids get easily distracted. Finding a space for them to work with few distractions can help them focus on the work in front of them. Libraries are a great place to go to get work done! Whether it’s the school library or a local public library, these places are usually quiet. You can also use checking out a new library book as an incentive to get work done. Not only does this help your child finish their work, but it also helps keep the library open!

“Work” With Them

Just the presence of others working can encourage students to work, too. If you sit next to them on your computer or with a notebook and focus on what you’re doing, this can encourage them to want to focus more. This can also help with children who always like to do what you do. You can pay the bills, work ahead on your tasks for work, get started on your novel, or even brainstorm your next family trip.

If you use this tip, you can also play the homework “quiet game,” where they can ask questions about their homework, but have to wait to talk about other things until after their work is done.

Children’s World Learning Center | Greenville, NC

Children’s World offers many opportunities for your kids to do their homework while they’re here and our staff is happy to help them! Our after-school program is perfect for kids to do their homework, unwind, and have a snack before heading home for the day. Visit our website to learn more and enroll in one of the best Greenville child care centers today!


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