3 Values to Teach Your Child by Age 5

As a parent, you may think that your toddler will not yet understand the values you are trying to teach them at such a young age. However, this is completely false. Children learn by example, and these values can be imprinted in them just by embodying them as a parent. Read along as we discuss some simple tips to help encourage positive values in young children.


The best way to encourage honesty in your child is to be an honest person yourself. It can be so easy to tell those little fibs to get out of plans that you are too tired to attend, but your child is always listening. For example, say your child has decided they no longer want to have the playdate that you and another child’s mother planned. You may feel guilty and tell the child’s mother that your little one is sick. When your son or daughter overhears this, they may become confused because they are not feeling bad at all. This leads to questions followed by coming up with complicated explanations as to why you told someone your child was sick. Lead by example and always tell the truth, whether it be to your child or when speaking to others. This will show them that honesty is the best policy.


When bickering happens between young friends, insist that the children make amends. Saying “I’m sorry” can be a little too easy for kids, and it lets them off the hook for wrongdoing without even having to think twice about what happened. In order to help them have a sense of justice, encourage them to take action to fix the problem. For example, maybe your child kicked over their friend’s castle in the sandbox, the reasoning being that your child thought their friend’s castle looked better than theirs. Rather than just asking them to apologize, ask your child to help their friend rebuild the castle as well. This will help to emphasize the importance of treating people fairly.


As a proud parent, you may come to realize that you praise every little thing your child does. While this is certainly encouraging, you may begin to notice that your child does not always try their best because they know that they will be praised regardless. It is okay to point out things that are not always done well. A good line for situations like these is, “It looks like you didn’t do this as carefully as you have before. Did you try your best?” Avoid excessive praise and provide honest, but supportive feedback.

Another way to help your child develop determination is to encourage them to do things that don’t come easily for them. If your child is shy, encourage them to ask another kid on the playground to play hide and seek. Congratulate them when they do these tough things, and they will be more determined to keep trying.

Children’s World

At Children’s World Learning Center, we understand that the early years of life matter most because early experiences affect the brain. As a child’s brain grows, the quality of the experiences that a child has creates either a sturdy or fragile foundation for all of the development and behaviors that follow. Parents want to make educated choices for their families, and implementing strong values is an easy start for life-long goals. At Children’s World Learning Center we offer A comprehensive set of services including childcare, academy, therapy, after-school, and creative arts. We want to help your child grow and succeed by implementing high quality childcare from an early age.

Scientific research has shown that the most important components of a high-quality program are the educational levels of staff and the activities that occur on a daily basis with children. That’s why here at Children’s World Learning Center, we strive to deliver the highest quality childcare in Greenville NC. Contact Us Today for more information on enrollment!


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