3 Easy Household Chores for Toddlers

As children are growing up, it’s important for them to learn about responsibility and self-reliance early Something that can help with this is chores. This comes with keeping their areas clean, taking care of their toys and items, and doing their part around the house. Some children love to help out and learn how to be more independent. This attitude can really come in handy when they start doing chores. It can help them feel like they’re a part of something, helping out around the home, and can also apply what they’re learning, like shapes and colors, to the real world.

At Children’s World, the best daycare Winterville NC has tooffer, we teach the kids about cleaning up, washing their hands, and taking care of toys and items. However, there are a few things that we can’t teach them, like folding laundry or making their bed. These are some chores that they can do at home to help out! Here are some toddler-friendly chores for your kids to do to help around the house.

Sorting, Folding, and Putting Away the Laundry

As kids start to grow, the laundry pile does, too. This is the perfect opportunity to show them exactly how their clothes get clean. You can start by showing them how you normally do the laundry or have them around when you’re doing a load so they can see what you’re doing. Then, invite them to help you. They can start by sorting the darks and lights into different piles and putting one pile into the machine.

After a load is done, they can help you fold the smaller things, such as a kitchen towel or a rag. Then, you can help them put it away in the correct places. While they might not be able to fold the bigger items, it helps to know where they go and where to look when they need something.

Picking Up Toys

This one should start relatively early. Kids can get distracted fairly easily, but before they move on to the next task, have them put away what they were playing with before. This can help minimize the mess and teach them to finish one task before moving on to the next one. It can also help playtime to end more smoothly. We feel overwhelmed when we see a big mess, and kids are the same way. If the mess is a lot smaller at the end of playtime, it won’t be as daunting for them to clean it up. Here at Children’s World, the best daycare Winterville NC has to offer, we help kids clean up and work together to take on the bigger messes.

Make the Bed

Making the bed can be a great start to the day and help everyone feel a little more put-together. You can show your kids how to make their bed and what it will look like when it’s all made. You might have to help them a few times before they get it, but you can teach them to start with the sheet, then move up to the next blanket, and so on. Then, arrange the pillows on the bed to make it look nice. It might still look a little messy, but you can show them that you value their effort by letting it look a little messy at times.

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