• 1360 SW Greenville Blvd (252) 355- 6898

  • 804 Johns Hopkins Drive (252) 413-0020

  • 532 Moye Blvd (252) 847-7555

  • 1525 E Arlington Blvd (252) 215-9032

  • 1515 E Arlington Blvd 252-215-9032

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      Classroom Technology

      In all five locations of Children’s World in Greenville, North Carolina, technology in the classroom is incorporated. There are many great advantages to having your child exposed to the latest technology at such a young age, being that it is prevalent in so many top industries today. Having a grasp on how to use computer […]

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      Early Childhood Education

      As more studies are surfacing on the importance of early childhood education, we thought we would contribute to the conversation. At Children’s World, we are dedicated to not only providing an enjoyable environment for children, but also a specific, strategic curriculum that will engage and empower children. Neurological research shows that the development during early […]

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      Explore, Learn & Create at Children’s World

      Have you been looking for a premier child care learning center in the eastern, North Carolina area? Well here’s your opportunity, look no more! Child’s World Learning Center is a place that cares about the importance of your child’s developmental growth and education. Children’s World provides a safe environment for your child to learn, explore […]

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