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    Practical Chores for Toddlers

    Most children are mobile and have a basic vocabulary by 15 months, so it is a great time to get them involved in daily tasks. If a certain chore seems to be too much, you can always work to ease your child into it. There are multiple ways to incorporate early childhood education into everyday […]

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    Communicating with Your Toddler

    During a child’s early stages of life, when they often lack the words to effectively communicate, it is important for parents to connect rather than create distance. As parents, we tend to tell our children we can’t understand them when they are whining, or we demand that they stop. Remember when you were a child, […]

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    After-School Programs Can Make All The Difference in Your Child’s Future

    Are you exploring the vast after-school program options near you? If you are, we have some information that could be beneficial to your general childcare knowledge and even help you narrow in on the very best after-school programs in Greenville NC. Why Are Afterschool Programs Important? So, why is an effective after-school program so important? […]

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