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    Reading Guide for Babies

    Reading to babies is great for language development as it exposes them to sounds and rhythms of speech. A study at Brown University School of Medicine in Providence, Rhode Island found that 18- to 25-month-olds whose parents said they read to them regularly for a year could say and understand more words than those whose […]

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    Encouraging Independent Play

    There comes a time in the day when perhaps you just need to get a few things done, but your child is following you around at the heels. When you ask them to go play for a little while, they don’t quite know what to do. Why does this happen? Since parents often teach their […]

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    Toddlers and Separation Anxiety

    Many parents of toddlers have experienced the struggle that often comes along with leaving your child at daycare. As a child grows attached to their mother or father, they view daycare as a huge separation. There is no need to be alarmed; this is a normal response from toddlers who feel securely attached to their […]

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