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    Child Passenger Safety Tips

    The third week of September is nationally known as Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week. This week highlights the importance of ensuring that all children are properly secured in an appropriate car seat or seatbelt, and the entire week is dedicated to all things related to child passenger safety. A child’s age, weight, and height can […]

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    PARENTING TIPS: Your Child’s First Day Of Daycare

    The first day of daycare is always a big day for both you and your kids. Whether you are going back to work after having a new baby or going back to work after being a stay at home parent, it is always hard to leave your child at daycare for the first time. But […]

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    What Should My Child Know Before Starting Pre-K?

    Even if your child has been enrolled in preschool for years, starting Pre-K is still a very big deal for everyone involved. You as a parent want to make sure that your child has the necessary skills to begin school with other children their age. The knowledge a preschooler needs to have before starting Pre-K […]

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