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    Time-Out Mistakes

    Taking a time-out is many parents’ go-to punishment when their child is acting up. Have you ever noticed that sometimes it simply does not work? Parents often make mistakes that can reduce the success of time-outs. Here’s what not to do: Giving Attention Did you know that the term “time-out” was originally short for “time-out […]

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    Disciplining a Toddler

    Effective discipline is one of the most frustrating parenting tasks as children test boundaries day after day. Yes, discipline helps children learn not to engage in aggressive, dangerous, or inappropriate behavior, but the responsibility falls on the parent as well. It is the parent’s job to follow through with consequences when set rules are broken. […]

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    Toddler Parenting Tips

    The toddler stage can feel like a battlefield. Your child is happy-go-lucky one minute and having a tantrum the next. Every parent experiences this and it can surely be stressful. Here’s what pediatricians recommend: Let Go of Rules During the toddler years, children are working on becoming more independent. If you lay out too many […]

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