After-School Program (Ages 5-12)

Children's World Learning Center's After-School Program is designed to inspire and motivate children to strive to excel in all their studies, do good works and develop a fine character while having a wonderful time.

CWLC’s vision is for all our students to become assets that will help fulfill the destinies of peoples, communities, nations and themselves. 

CWLC’s desire is to enhance all of our student’s academic, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth in an environment rich with academic skill development, character enrichment and fun.

 Specifically we teach and give our students:

  • Great Literature; thereby improving the student’s skill and capacity to excel in, reading comprehension, writing and vocabulary expansion. Through the selection of age appropriate great literature the world, past, present and future is unfolded and explored. 
  • Foreign Language introduced and  gently practiced throughout the classroom and the entire center thereby developing foreign language skills and increasing the children’s understanding of different countries and languages.
  • In conjunction with the foreign language enhancement we visit countries (virtual tours) and study history, historic sites, topography, foods and fine arts.
  • An ongoing in-depth study of the time, art form and life of one or two of the eminent great master painters. Opening this avenue of expression the children learn the master painter’s techniques growing in confidence as they create their own reproductions which are exhibited at the Greenville Art Museum annually. Thus, the student enters the world of Fine Art expression and exhibition.
  • Performing Arts training culminating in dance and musical performances throughout CWLC’s schools, Senior Citizen assisted living centers, and concerts for their family and friends.
  • Advanced art projects in various mediums, i.e. clay, watercolor, ceramics, paper, and wood.
  • Public Speaking, for confidence, articulation, elocution, and oral expression.
  • Recreational Activities, promoting team play, sportsmanship, and healthy bodies.
  • Specific seminars for children targeting the acquisition of attributes of great character, i.e. character Development: honesty, trustworthiness, diligence, courage, work ethics and manners etc.
  • Help with the student’s Homework: completeness, thoroughness, accuracy, correction, timely submission, cleanliness and neatness; thereby, teaching and aiding the children’s study, research skills and habits.
  • Field Trips to places of interest that embellish their studies and lives.

Our After-School Program offers your school-age child a break from the school day in which fun and learning go hand-in-hand.

 After-School Hours

We offer pick-up at most Pitt County Public Schools for our after-school program. Our locations on Greenville Blvd. and Johns Hopkins Dr. provide after-school care until 6:00 p.m. Our location on Moye Blvd. (ACP) closes at 8:00 p.m. For more information about our after-school program, contact us today.