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  • The Importance of Your Child Attending A Childcare Center

    Not only do parents seek out a childcare center because they have busy schedules with their jobs, but it also gives their children a head start on their education. A childcare center is the first time many children experience a structured setting with teachers and other groups of children. Childcare centers teach children to share, follow instructions, interact with other children, and tools needed to succeed in the future.

    There are many reasons why children should attend a childcare center. Early child care promotes emotional and social development by providing programs that nurture trusting relationships with their peers, teachers, and parents. A teacher at a childcare center is trained to develop emotional skills, encourage engagement, and promote curiosity. Teachers use “teachable moments” to show children how to manage their frustrations and interactions with others. The more new tasks that children learn helps them to take better care of themselves and help others. This also enables them to develop a sense of pride and self-worth. Childcare centers introduce behaviors that will help them form bonds with others as they grow. It also provides a framework of organized spaces and schedules that promote socialization and learning. One of the great things about sending your child to a childcare center is the exposure to a language-rich environment. Conversational games are encouraged and teachers ask thought provoking questions. They have activities like singing, talking about favorite animals and telling stories to other children that help propel language skills. As most parents know, a child’s mind is like a sponge so teachers engage children in hands-on activities that challenge their minds and invoke questions.

    To prepare children for kindergarten, teachers build the child’s math and reading skills by encouraging activities such as singing the alphabet song while following along in a picture book. These kinds of activities build connections between the visual and spoken word. Math skills are introduced to the children through sorting games, counting games, and matching activities that help grow their understanding of numbers in a fun way. Childcare centers also encourage a child’s curiosity. Teachers will use the child’s own interests and ideas to create activities that encourage curiosity. They also promote creative play by using costumes, household toys, and small versions of real-world items like cars, planes, and animals. A childcare center is more than just “babysitting.” They are preparing your child for kindergarten and elementary school. Each child is put on their own learning path so if they are advancing at a faster rate than others they are introduced to more advanced activities.

    Therefore, a childcare center is more than a facility that provides babysitting services, they are giving children the tools they need to succeed in the future. However, collaboration with the parents is important in determining the learning path for each child. A child’s learning experience is greatly enhanced if the parents are active and engaged in the process.