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  • 804 Johns Hopkins Drive (252) 413-0020

  • 532 Moye Blvd (252) 847-7555

  • 1525 E Arlington Blvd (252) 215-9032

  • 1515 E Arlington Blvd 252-215-9032

  • First Grade Here We Come!

    First Grade Here We Come!

    After a successful year in kindergarten CWA is pleased to offer the addition of first grade in the upcoming school year.  In kindergarten the students learned and did so many amazing things.  In addition to learning to read, write, and do math word problems, our students were given the unique opportunity to experience STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) at its finest!  From investigating slime to conducting experiments with vibrations our Kindergarteners were able to enrich their education through use of hands-on learning.  For more information about our exceptional private school or to schedule a tour, please call 252.215.9032 today!


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