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  • 532 Moye Blvd (252) 847-7555

  • 1525 E Arlington Blvd (252) 215-9032

  • 1515 E Arlington Blvd 252-215-9032

  • Children’s World Academy Breaks Ground

    Children’s World Learning Center is expanding again!  We’ve broken ground on construction of our new 21,700 ft. childcare and private school.  With a planned opening of August 2015, the Children’s World Academy will provide comprehensive early education to ensure the best possible academic outcomes for students from birth to fifth grade, beginning with kindergarten the first year.

    Early childhood education is critical to the development and future of your child’s academic career.  Here at Children’s World Learning Center and Academy, we are committed to providing an interactive and engaging learning experience focused on educating the whole child.  Our mission is to embrace each child’s potential, empower them to become successful and independent adults, and to explore the world through technology and hands-on learning.

    Before and after school care is available to all students as are nutritious meals and snacks.  To learn more about how your child can benefit from the Academy, please continue to read about it here or contact us at 252-215-9032 with any questions.


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