After-School Programs

After school programs can be defined as a program that cares for children when they aren’t at school or at home. After school programs can include anything from summer camp, clubs, and activities at recreation centers. After school programs can offer a safe, supervised environment where kids can learn and make friends. After school programs also help to avoid unsafe situations that can put children at risk. Choosing an after-school program can be a complicated process but there are some steps you can take to simplify it.

The first step you should take is; research the programs available. There is a huge selection of afterschool programs offered by many different businesses. By researching the programs available to you locally, you can find the right program and the right place for your child. When researching available programs, consider the activities you’re looking for. Programs can be

centered around your child’s age group, social skills, interests and more. Make sure that the after-school program you select offers the structure that your child needs. Programs often have websites detailing the programs they offer that can be a great resource in finding the right program for you.

In addition to researching the program, you should also research the business offering the program. Starting up an after-school program can be relatively simple so make sure the business you choose is reputable. Things like faculty to student ratio and retention rates can tell you a lot about a business. These factors can tell you if your child will receive the attention they need and how happy other families have been with the program. Two of the most important factors are; safety measures and licensing. Your child’s safety in an after-school program is your top concern, make sure that the caregivers in your after-school program feel the same. Another important factor is scheduling. Make sure to find a business that offers services on the days and times that you need.  

At Children’s World Learning Center, we offer an after-school program that’s designed to inspire and motivate your child. Our program includes; homework help, art projects, field trips, performing arts and more. We hope to enhance all of our students’ cognitive, social, and emotional development. Our program offers your child a place to take a break from school, in an environment that is fun and safe. If you need a child care center in in Greenville NC, look no further than Children’s World Learning Center. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, we’re here to help.



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